Unvael Journal Issue Five

Unvael Journal Issue Five


This issue features roughly 25 artists from around the world … writers, photographers, painters, poets, etc. It’s 75 pages of highly curated art and word with ZERO ads. Unvael doesn’t make any money from advertisers as we believe you should view art without filler and unimportant pages mixed in. Every issue of Unvael is presented like a gallery - clean, modern, and beautiful… but in print form. It’s 8 1/2 x 11 in size and will look super good on your coffee table, in your tote bag, or next to a coffee or beer or glass of wine.

Cover image is a painting by Adam Hall.

This issue includes the following artists and writers:
Jolene Bresney, Shannon Tomasik, Emily Harrington, Vivi Vargas, Lea Lumiere, Alexandra Slava Sevostianova, Anthony P. Taylor, Kyna Marie, Rebecca Tiernan, Lydia Falls, Jenny Woods, Helen Hu, Teri Varhol, Maxine Sferra, Elodie Bachelier, Danielle Mari Terblanche, Whitney Browne, Adam Hall, Daren Colbert, Eliot Lee Hazel, William Bortz, Caroline Martin, Britta, Nour Tahomy.

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