Do you have material you think Unvael would love to publish? If yes, please use this form to submit your work. If you are submitting work for an art zine or book, we need to see a FULL catalog or body of work. We cannot just accept Instagram profiles or random pieces of artwork. If you are submitting a written manuscript, such as a novel or poetry book, we would need to see a FULL manuscript. If you have a link to it, please include it below. If it’s a download, please wait for us to respond to your inquiry and you can then send it to us via email. Thank you so much for considering Unvael as your publisher!

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We require a portfolio to review. If you don't have any work online, anywhere, please place our website in this field and use the notes section below to let use know how we can view your portfolio.
Unvael will publish a select amount of books and zines and are always on the lookout for new material. If you feel Unvael would be interested in publishing your material under the Unvael brand, you are welcome to submit your work for review. We reserve the right to deny ANY submissions based upon our own criteria and you submitting your work does not mean Unvael will publish the material.
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