Thank you for your interest in submitting your artwork or writing to Unvael Journal.

Please use the following guidelines when submitting. Click on the button below or send directly to We will respond to submissions as soon as we can, however please note that submissions are generally open for around 45 days, not all artwork is chosen and you will only be notified if your work has been chosen to be showcased.

Artwork (painters, photographers, sculptors, etc):
If you'd like to be considered to be a featured artist for an upcoming issue, please email Unvael at with the subject line "Featured Artist Submission" along with some examples of your work such an online portfolio or link to a series we can review. This is a limited spot so if you are submitting artwork to be considered, we'll get in touch with you if I think it will work. Feel free to email us the work of others as well, if you feel an artist out there garners attention.

We will also be dedicating several pages of each issue to miscellaneous artwork and imagery (one image). If you'd like to be considered for this, please tag #unvaeljournal on Instagram OR you can email up to 3 images (please send high res) for consideration to Please use "Misc Art" in the subject line. This can be ANY type of artwork.

Writing (poetry, short stories, op-eds, etc:
We are always seeking creative writing of any kind. We currently accept poetry, short stories, op-eds, interviews, and more. Unvael is a progressive journal so the more it aligns with our vision, the better fit it will be! If you'd like to submit a piece of writing to Unvael, please email your work to with the subject line as "Featured Writing Submission." Every issue contains at least 5-7 writing pieces.

In addition to photography and writing, we're also looking to feature a variety of artists. If you are one of the following, or would like to refer someone who is one of the following, please send an email to with the subject line as "Potential Artist."

We're also always looking for painters, chefs, musicians, sculptors, spiritual teachers (yoga, pilates, meditation, etc), interior designers, graphic designers, graffiti artists, tattoo artists, etc.

If you, or someone you know, is doing rad art please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Send us an email at with the subject line "Featured artist submission" followed by what kind of artist they are.