Unvael Ambassadors embody the aesthetic and mission of Unvael Journal the Unvael Collective. It is a joint partnership benefiting both the artist and Unvael. We are constantly seeking new creatives to help grow, promote, and support the Unvael brand. If you would love to be an ambassador of Unvael, please scroll to the bottom of this page to apply.



Britta is a photographer based in Michigan (US) that focus primarily on self portrait work.
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Christine Jewel

Christine is a poet based in North Carolina (US). Unvael will be publishing her first book of poetry very soon.
Click here to view Christine’s work on IG


Nour Tahomy

Nour is an illustrator based in Australia.
Click here to view Nour’s work on IG.

New Ambassador Coming Soon!


Edie Sunday

Edie is a writer and photographer based in Texas (US).
Click here to view Edie’s work on IG.

New Ambassador Coming Soon!

Unvael Ambassadors receive a free subscription to the print journal, unique collaborations with Unvael Journal and Unvael Collective (publisher of the journal) on future projects, a small feature in every Unvael Journal issue, and consistent promotion from Unvael on social media. In return, Unvael ambassadors are required to photograph the journal and post, across all their social media outlets, about the print journal whenever a new issue is released as well as while an issue is currently on sale. Ambassadors are required to promote the brand, in their own ways, and be supportive of the Unvael brand whenever possible. It is a collaboration between Unvael and the creative ambassador mutually benefitting each party. Would you like to apply? A quick note, and this important, NOT ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE APPROVED but all will be reviewed.

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The work you are submitting to Unvael is entirely yours. You created it. You made it. No one else can possibly claim it to be theirs.

After applying, please allow is ample time to review your portfolio. If we feel you would be a wonderful Unvael ambassador, we will be in touch.