Unvael Journal Issue Six

Unvael Journal Issue Six



Issue Six features over 20 artists from 9 different countries … writers, photographers, painters, poets, etc. It’s 88 pages of highly curated art and literature with ZERO ads presented in a gallery style form. Issue Six features the most writing in Unvael history with 2 interviews (Paul Weiner - Painter & Alaskan Tapes - Musician), 2 opinion pieces (Edie Sunday & Sarah Rosangela), 1 short story (Aryanah Haydu), and several poems and other writing. It’s an 8 1/2 x 11 inch sized highly collectible print journal and THIS issue features 1 A5 sized print from featured artist Nick Fancher.

BUNDLE WITH ISSUE FIVE AND SAVE EVEN MORE! $34 … Get both Issue 6 and 5 with prints!

There are 2 prints in this issue, if you preorder or subscribe, courtesy of Nick Fancher and Melania Brescia (Melania’s is ONLY available if you preorder).

Cover image on this issue is a drawing by Ritchelly Oliveira

Issue Six includes the following artists and writers:
A.M. Kennedy, Arnoldas Kubilius, Sarah Rosangela, Alla Chiara Luzzitelli, Maria Kreyn, Charlie Brooks, Lulu Lovering, Paula Rae Gibson, Brady Kendall AKA Alaskan Tapes, Jessica Dunegan, Rediet Worku, Gabriel Isak, Edie Sunday, Naji Chalhoub, Maciek Jasik, Paul Weiner, Melania Brescia, Michael Emerson Wall, Aryanah Haydu, Nick Fancher, Nicole Ting, Joseph Ball, Ritchelly Oliveira

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